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Hi Art Collector, Are you looking for unique and fully hand crafted beautiful Bengali Kozagori Lokkhi thakur murti statue or Hindu mythological art collectibles? Here we have something to offer you from the land of spirituality and epics. 

Specification of Bengali Kozagori Lokkhi statue:
height:31.5 cm width: 15.5 cm depth: 10 cm

  • Material: Terracota
This Art Collectible: This Bengali maa Lokkhii murti is a primitive terracotta handicraft from India. For longevity those craft items are burnt in a specific temperature and the selection of clay mud is also important, mostly collected from river beds. Each river has its unique soil and requires special care and processing, then only the final product becomes a signature and of course the cultural uniqueness is also prominent in each Indian folk art piece. 

Disclaimer :
1. The color of actual product may vary slightly from the images provided due to photographic lighting conditions and difference in screen resolutions.
2. There may be little difference in measurement as these items are handmade.
3.Return or exchange:
Parcel opening and material checking video(360°degree angle) while opening the seal of the package without pause is a must in case of any complaints and refund. Without this video no complaints will be entertained.

Shipping: Standard shipping is free. It takes 1 week to dispatch and 2-3 weeks to deliver in standard shipping.
For faster delivery customers may upgrade to DHL express shipment.
Please Note:
This is a terracotta piece and needs to be handled with care. It can be placed on a table or any other plain surface. 
Myth about goddess Laxmi: She is the Supreme Goddess. She is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, beauty, fertility and prosperity, and associated with Maya ("Illusion"). Warship of hindu goddess Lakshmi is an every day picture in many families in India. 

We are making idols of hindu deities from generations. We express our devotion by sculpting each artifact with minute finishing details and yet without impacting the simplicity of each idol because We believe deities are part of our family.
Each of our creation is an invitation from mollisarts to you to join our spiritual journey and feel the connection. 

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