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Specification of Mahishasura Mardini Traditional Terracotta Maa Durga Murti Idol for home:
size of variation orange and yellow:
weight: 7 kg height: 54 cm width: 42 cm depth: 10 cm 
Since each idol is hand made and hand painted the colors may slightly differ from the image provided in listing. 

In the heart of Kolkata, India lies a village where ancient art is practiced. Skilled craftsmen fashion beautiful statues of the goddess Durga from clay collected from river beds. The Mahishasura Mardini Traditional Durga Statue is one such masterpiece, made using unique soil and burnt at a specific temperature for longevity. The statue bears a signature of cultural uniqueness, an ode to India's rich heritage. 

  • Material: Terracota
In the pantheon of Hindu gods, there is perhaps no figure more fearsome than Durga. With ten weapons in her ten hands, she is the embodiment of power and strength, a warrior goddess who will stop at nothing to protect the world from evil.
This terracotta statue of Durga and her family captures that ferocity and intensity, with the goddess poised to strike down the demon Mahishasura with her deadly arsenal of weapons. Her vahana, the mighty lion, stands by her side, ready to pounce at a moment's notice.
It's a scene that speaks to the heart of Hindu mythology - the eternal battle between good and evil, and the unshakeable faith that there are divine forces at work in the world. And as you gaze upon this Mahishasura Mardini statue, you can feel that power and energy coursing through its clay veins, reminding us of the strength that lies within us all. 

Please Note:
1. This craft is hand-painted; color shades and textures may change slightly from the image displayed.
2. This is a terracotta piece and needs to handle with care. It can be placed on a table or any other plain surface.
3.We will ship your order within 8 days of order placement. Shipping is free. 

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