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Indian folk arts are culturally grounded art forms that are delivered down through generations. These conventional art forms embrace music, dancing, puppetry, liar, and much further. This is a veritably unique point of Indian Art and Culture.
From each and every Indian village one can find one unique folk art form that which is witness of the historical, cultural and socio economic importance of that village. But currently there are approx. 171 Indian art and crafts got GI tags.
Kondapalli Bommallu are small wooden toys that are handmade in the village of Kondapalli in Andhra Pradesh, India. These toys are known for their unique design, which often features intricate details and bright colors.
Kondapalli Bommallu are made using lightweight wood, such as the wood from the Tella Poniki tree. The wood is cut, carved, and painted by hand using natural colors made from vegetable dyes.
Kondapalli Bommallu includes a range of toys, including animals, birds, and human figures. Some of the popular toys include the Dasavataram set, depicting the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, and the marriage procession set, depicting a traditional Hindu wedding.
Kondapalli Bommallu are made by skilled artisans who have been practicing the craft for generations. The wood is first cut into the desired shape, then the details are carved using small chisels and knives. The toys are then painted using natural colors and left to dry.
Kondapalli Bommallu can be bought from various handicraft stores in Andhra Pradesh, as well as online stores. The Kondapalli Toys Cooperative Society is also a great place to buy these toys, as it supports the local artisans who make them.