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Hi Art Collecttor, Are you looking for Bengali Kantha stich on all over Indian tussar pure silk Sarees  with certified silk mark by Govt. of India?
Here we have something to offer you. 
 Indulge in luxury with our pure Tussar silk featuring exquisite all-over Kantha stitching in radiant red floral motifs. A harmonious blend of artistry and elegance for your wardrobe.

About This collectible : 

Kantha Stitch, an ancient art from Bengal, involves embroidering intricate patterns on old fabrics. Initially, it served to repurpose and mend textiles, later becoming a decorative art form reflecting the region's cultural heritage. Kantha stich got GI Tag from Govt. of India on 15th March 2021.

Tussar silk, also known as Tussah silk or Kosa silk, is a type of silk fabric that is produced from the cocoon of the silk moth species Antheraea mylitta. It is notable for its texture, sheen, and unique appearance.
Tussar silk production is deeply rooted in traditional practices. Indigenous communities, particularly in states like Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal, have been engaged in sericulture (silk production) for generations. The process involves collecting wild silkmoth cocoons, reeling the silk fibers, and weaving them into fabrics. 

 High-quality Tussar silk pieces can appreciate in value over time, especially if you collect genuine pieces. This adds an element of investment to your collection.

  • Material: fabric

Specification :
Length : 5.5 meters and 1 meter Un-Stitched blouse piece
width: 1.16 meters
Work : hand embroidery
Govt of India silk mark -ceritied and handloom mark
Wash Instruction:- Dry Clean Only
including a complementary readymade 2X2 Rubia Blouse - color Red/Black as per selection
 Rubia is a lightweight pure cotton fabric, ideal for linings and blouses. Its soft and lightweight properties also make it very suitable for turbans.. Here the yarn is a simple ply yarn made of two singles evenly twisted together. This type of yarn is found in 2 by 2 rubia fabric. 

Before purchasing silk check Government of india Silk Mark for authenticity :
Silk Mark is given by Silk Mark Organisation of India (SMOI). These are fixed only on pure silk products by the authorised makers of Silk Mark. Each silk mark has a hologram and a unique number/ bar code on it, which helps the consumer track the collectible back to the authorised maker.

Each of our art piece is an invitation from mollisarts to you to join our journey to make our world a better place to live. 
Disclaimer :

1. The color of actual product may vary slightly from the images provided due to photographic lighting conditions and difference in screen resolutions.
2. There may be little difference in measurement as these items are handmade.
3.Return or exchange:
Parcel opening and material checking video(360°degree angle) while opening the seal of the package without pause is a must in case of any complaints and refund. Without this video no complaints will be entertained.
Refund/Exchange for quality issues are not allowed due to any manner because it is based on individual's opinion.
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