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Authentic Dokra Tribal Women Figurines: A Captivating Glimpse into Daily Life - Set of 3

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Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and captivating tales of the Dokra art and craft with this exquisite set of 3 small tribal women figurines. Each figurine intricately portrays the everyday life of tribal women, showcasing their grace, strength, and the vibrant traditions they hold dear.

Specifications of each figurine:
weight: 84 gm    height: 6.5 cm    width: 4.5 cm    depth: 4.7 cm

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  • Material: Metal
Crafted with precision and love by skilled artisans, these figurines capture the essence of Dokra artistry. Made using the ancient lost-wax casting technique, these pieces are a testament to the tribe's legacy of metalwork. The meticulous details and fine craftsmanship bring these figurines to life, making them a truly remarkable addition to any collection.

With their expressive faces and intricate tribal jewelry, these figurines offer a glimpse into the daily routines and cultural rituals of the tribal women. Whether it's the graceful traditional attire, or the pride reflected in their eyes, each figurine tells a unique story of resilience and tradition.

Display these figurines in your home or office to add a touch of cultural richness and artistic elegance. They make for an exceptional conversation starter and a cherished gift for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Each piece has been carefully crafted to ensure its durability and longevity, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Dokra art for years to come.

Experience the magic and allure of the Dokra tribe with this captivating set of 3 small Dokra tribal women figurines. Let their presence transport you to a world of cultural wonders and profound admiration for the heritage of these remarkable artisans.
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