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Discover the timeless serenity embodied in this exquisite small stone Buddha sculpture. Crafted with utmost precision and reverence, this divine masterpiece encapsulates the essence of inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. The delicate curves and meticulously carved features radiate a sense of tranquility, inviting you to embark on a meditative journey. Whether displayed as a focal point in your sacred space or as a symbol of harmony in your home, this captivating sculpture serves as a gentle reminder to find solace within, inspiring a deeper connection with your inner self. Immerse yourself in the profound tranquility and invite the presence of enlightenment into your life with this enchanting stone Buddha sculpture.

Specification: Weight 280 gm || Height 13 cm || Width 8 cm || Depth 4 cm

  • Material: Stone
This black Stone Buddha Sculpture, a captivating embodiment of tranquility and enlightenment. Crafted with utmost care and reverence, this exquisite sculpture showcases the serene presence of the Buddha in stunning black stone.

Carved from high-quality black stone, this Buddha sculpture emanates a sense of timeless elegance and spiritual depth. The smooth, polished surface beautifully captures the intricate details of the Buddha's serene expression, gentle smile, and closed eyes, reflecting a state of deep meditation and inner peace.

Every curve and contour of this sculpture has been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, bringing forth a tangible sense of calm and serenity. The black stone adds a touch of mystery and sophistication to the sculpture, enhancing its visual appeal and making it a focal point in any space.

The Black Stone Buddha Sculpture serves as a powerful symbol of enlightenment and mindfulness. Its presence invites a sense of inner reflection, mindfulness, and spiritual growth. Whether displayed in a meditation room, yoga studio, or as a statement piece in your home, this sculpture serves as a reminder to cultivate peace, compassion, and balance in your life.

The sturdy and durable nature of black stone ensures that this Buddha sculpture will endure for years to come, radiating its positive energy and inspiring all who gaze upon it. Its compact size makes it versatile for various settings, while its timeless design blends seamlessly with any decor style.

Embrace the tranquility and wisdom of the Black Stone Buddha Sculpture
Please Note: 
1. This is a soft natural stone piece and needs to handle with care. 
2. Applying ghee or oil can make the art piece darker and glossier permanently. 
3. We will ship your order within 8 days of order placement. Shipping is free. 
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