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Hi Art Collector, Are you looking for unique and entirely hand-crafted Lord Vishnu statues or mythological art collectibles? Here we have something to offer you from the land of spirituality and epics.

699 gm (total) 150 gm (arjun)
height:  20.8 cm (narayan) 12.5 cm (arjun)
width: 14.5 cm (narayan) 6.4 cm (arjun)
depth: 7 cm (narayan) 5.2 cm

Please Note: 
1. This craft is hand-painted; color shades and textures may change slightly from the image displayed. 
2. This is a terracotta piece and needs to handle with care. It can be placed on a table or any other plain surface.
3. Shipping is free.

  • Material: Terracota
This Art Collectible: This  Lord Vishnu Vishwarup Darshan statue from the epic of Mahabharata is a primitive terracotta handicraft from India. For longevity, those craft items are burnt at a specific temperature and the selection of clay mud is also important, mostly collected from river beds. Each river has its unique soil and requires special care and processing, then only the final product becomes a signature and of course, the cultural uniqueness is also prominent in each Indian folk art piece.

The sculpture "Vishnu Vishwarup Darshan to Arjun" is a magnificent representation of one of the most significant scenes from Hindu mythology. It depicts the moment when Lord Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation and protection, reveals his cosmic form to Arjun, a warrior prince from the ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata. In the sculpture, Vishnu is shown with multiple arms and heads, each holding symbolic objects, while celestial beings surround him, conveying his omnipotence and universal presence. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship of the sculpture highlight the divine power of Vishnu and his transcendence beyond human comprehension. The sculpture not only captures a crucial moment in Hindu mythology but also serves as a symbol of divine revelation, cosmic order, and the eternal nature of the universe. 
We have been making idols of Hindu deities for generations. We express our devotion by sculpting each artifact with minute finishing details and yet without impacting the simplicity of each idol because We believe deities are part of our family. Each of our creations is an invitation from MollisArts to you to join our spiritual journey and feel the connection.
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