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Vishnu Murti Sculpted from Natural Black Stonne-Hand-made Narayana Murti

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Discover divine grace and serenity with our exquisite stone sculpture of Lord Vishnu - the eternal preserver of the universe. Crafted with utmost skill and devotion, this Vishnu Murti captivates the essence of the deity's benevolence and omnipresence. Adorn your sacred space with this Narayana idol, a symbol of cosmic harmony and protection.

Weight 202 gm
Height 11 cm
Width 5.5 cm
Depth 3.3 cm

  • Material: Stone
Each intricate detail of the Narayan statue reflects the artisan's dedication, making it a true masterpiece. Carved from premium stone, this Vishnu sculpture emanates a tranquil aura that soothes the soul. Whether as a centerpiece for your home altar or a mesmerizing accent in your garden, it is sure to evoke reverence and admiration.

Invoke Lord Vishnu's blessings into your life with this stunning Narayana idol, an embodiment of divine grace and timeless spirituality. Elevate your spiritual experience with this awe-inspiring Vishnu Murti, a remarkable expression of devotion and artistry. 

For generations, we've crafted intricate Hindu deity idols with unwavering devotion, preserving their simplicity. Mollisarts extends a heartfelt invitation to join our spiritual journey and forge a deep connection with our artistic creations, seen as cherished family members.

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