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ThisTerracotta Durga murti is portrayed typically as a woman with ten weapons in her ten hands killing a Demon called 'Mahishasura' to save the world as well as the haven from his tyranny. We could see her vahana Lion also in action.

1. This is a terracotta piece and needs to handle with care. It can be placed on a table or any other plain surface.
2. Since each item is handcrafted, there could be a minimal deviation between the photographs and the delivered product.
3. Shipping is free. 

weight: 1733 gm height: 27.2 cm width: 28.5 cm depth: 9 cm

  • Material: Terracota

Hi art collector, Are you looking for unique and completely hand- prepared figurines of gods or mythological art collectibles? Then we've something to offer you from the land of spirituality and epics.

About Goddess Durga
Goddess Durga has a significant following all over India( particularly in its eastern countries). Durga is deified after spring and afterlife crops, particularly during the fests of Durga Puja and Navratri.
The most popular legend associated with the goddess is of her destruction of Mahishasura.
• Mahishasura was a partial- buffalo devil who did severe penance in order to delight Brahma, the creator. After several times, Brahma, satisfied with his devotion, came out before him.
• The demon opened his eyes and asked the god for eternity. Brahma denied it, saying that all must die one day. Mahishasura yet allowed for a bit and asked a boon that only a lady could be suitable to kill him. Brahma granted the boon and faded.
• Mahishasura started to torture, innocent people. He captured heaven and was not in any kind of fear, as he allowed women to be helpless and weak.
• The devas were worried and they went to Trimurti. They all together combined their power and created a warrior woman with many arms.
• Durga reached Mahishasura's palace. Durga destroyed each form of Mahishasura and at last, Durga slayed Mahishasura when he was taking form of buffalo. 
This Art Collectible: This terracotta Lord Shaiva idol is made from Holy Ganges Clay, handcrafted and hand-painted. For longevity terracotta craft items are burnt in a specific temperature and the selection of clay mud is also important, mostly collected from river beds. Each river has its unique soil and requires special care and processing, then only the final product becomes a signature and of course the cultural uniqueness is also prominent in each Indian folk art piece. 
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