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Loknath Baba Murti Idol or Statue made of Marble Stone Dust for online sale

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Hi Art Collector, Are you looking for unique and entirely hand-crafted Loknath baba Statue or Hindu mythological art collectibles? Here we have something to offer you from the land of spirituality and epics.

This Loknath baba Idol is a primitive handicraft from India. This is handmade and hand painted. 

Specifications :
weight: 2.1 kg height: 28 cm width: 16 cm depth: 16 cm

Material : Marble stone dust 

Shipping: Standard shipping is free. It takes 1 week to dispatch and 2-3 weeks to deliver in standard shipping.
For faster delivery customers may upgrade to Free express shipment. 

  • Material: Rasin
We are making idols of Hindu deities from generations. We express our devotion by sculpting each artifact with minute finishing details and yet without impacting the simplicity of each idol because We believe deities are part of our family. Each of our creation is an invitation from mollisarts to you to join our spiritual journey and feel the connection. 
Myths about Loknath baba: Loknath Baba was an Indian saint known for simplicity and spiritual wisdom. Born in 1730, he lived a humble life in Baradi, West Bengal. Renouncing material possessions, he wandered, teaching devotion and selflessness. His teachings emphasized love for all beings and detachment from worldly desires. Loknath Baba's followers believe in his divine healing and blessings, attributing miraculous abilities to him. Even after his passing in 1890, his legacy continues to inspire devotees seeking spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. 
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